Am I supposed to be charging meals
While I am away from Juneau?
Or does per diem cover my meals—
I haven’t charged any meals to the state,
Just a couple of coffees while outside
During these six months in office.
Am I doing this right?
What about Todd’s meals
If he’s traveling for First Gentlemen…

She’s a poet and she didn’t even know it.



There was some real Sarah Palin news today and it didn’t involve her trip to the Statue of Liberty. David Corn explains:

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I filed a request under Alaska’s open records law, for all—yes, all—of Palin’s gubernatorial emails. Other journalists and citizen…

So obviously the first thing to do once the emails are up is read them aloud while playing a drinking game.

Rule #1: Everytime Palin writes a grammatically correct sentence, take a sip.

Other rules?