Thou Shalt Not Pollute

It was just three short years ago that most Republicans with Blue State or national ambitions believed we had to address climate change. Today, the list of Republicans who once tried to woo Democrats and Independents just happens to overlap with the list of Republicans who have recently decided—in the face of consistently worsening extreme weather, no less—that climate change isn’t happening after all: John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Scott Brown, Chris Christie, even Sarah Palin.

Pawlenty evangelical pastor, Leith Anderson, has publicly endorsed taking action to reduce carbon emissions, and Pawlenty even went so far as to apologize for once agreeing with his spiritual mentor. Pawlenty’s about-face begs the question: what happened to the rising tide of evangelical environmentalists who were supposed to be the Earth’s salvation?

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