• The sequester is hitting the fan on Friday and tensions are high and I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT ANYMORE.
  • And neither does The Washington Post's Ezra Klein, so we know things have gotten dire.
  • Obama’s mad
  • Reid’s mad.
  • Boehner’s mad—and swearing .
  • Ron Johnson, in turn, is mad at Boehner.
  • States are mad, as they should be.
  • Democrats are mad. 
  • Republicans are confused.
  • The public is mad—especially at Republicans.
  • Bernanke’s … well, he’s emoting as much as Bernankely possible—and giving Republicans a healthy dash of #realtalk.
  • So, if everyone’s so mad we haven’t stopped the sequester from torpedoing government spending, why has nothing been done? Well, solving the problem would make too much sense, that’s why. And now, all the pundits are mad too! 
  • Jennifer Rubin is mad.
  • The Washington Times is mad.
  • The Wall Street Journal is going on about bunga-bunga politics.
  • In retrospect, everyone in American politics being mad at everyone else when it comes to the sequester seems pretty normal, not apocalyptic. The truly amazing thing would be if we could reach a point where LOUD NOISES, FISCAL CLIFF ALL THE TIME politics weren’t the norm, as Bob Kuttner points out in our next issue.

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